Saturday, July 4, 2020

The online forums are ultimate platforms for building high quality back links for your website. These backlinks will not only improve the SEO link juice but, they will also be beneficial for directing the potential traffic to the website. So let's understand what forum posting is and how to use it effectively for Search Engine Optimization

How to Use Online Forum Posting for SEO

In order to start building forum backlinks, you need to know what a forum is, so let’s get started!

What is an online forum?

In simple terms, online forum is a community website, where like-minded people discuss on certain topics. The people from real world sign up with the forum and then they can start discussions with other people.

How to use online forum posting for SEO?

Getting a forum link back to your website sounds tempting but there are certain rules that must be followed so that you add value to the forum discussions and the backlink to your website doesn’t look like “spam”. Certainly, if your link looks unnatural or spam, it will be deleted by the moderator. So, here are some important forum posting tips:

1. Add value to the Forum Discussion: If you are replying to a forum thread then make sure that your answer is truly helpful and it has a meaning.

2. Pick Appropriate Sub-forum: A forum might have various sub-forums for different topics. It is essential to pick right Sub-forum as per your niche.

3. Reply on latest threads/discussions: Needless to say, if you answer an old thread with a link back to your website then your answer might get deleted. If it is not deleted, even then it will not get much attention from the active members of that community so always try to answer the latest questions.

4. Contribute regularly: If you sign up for an authority forum, make sure that you are engaging regularly on it. Answer the questions with valuable information.

5. Engage with real people on the forums: Engage with real audience on that forum, you will build a network that can be highly valuable for business growth.

6. Create a forum posting strategy: This is a PRO tip! For getting maximum advantage from your forum account, you should develop custom strategy for getting the links for your websites. For the link juice, proper strategy can help you immensely. You will also get real and quality traffic to the website. Without a strategy, you might fail at getting the links and associated benefits!

7. Don’t spam: You shouldn’t start creating a lot of backlinks because you will definitely be banned permanently.

Ways to get forum backlink for your website

Conventionally there are three ways to get a forum backlink:

1. Link via profile: You will simply add the website URL on your profile page.

2. Link via Signature: Add link in the signature field in your forum profile and this signature will be shown under every reply that you make on that particular forum.

3. Link via post replies/discussions: Reply to the related topics and add your website link “naturally”; that is- answer should make a sense and link must be related to the question.

Finding related forums can be tricky task, but here is my Ultimate Guide to Find Niche Related Forums for SEO Backlinks that can help you out to perform searches and find effective results. 

So now, you have learned what forum posting is, what’s stopping you to get started with the quality backlink building for your website using forums? Start it now!


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